Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg Chrome Footballs painted by Steve Flanagan of HARD Lifestyle

Coach Snoop Dogg's Football Team Receives Chrome Footballs

We wanted to help Snoop Dogg do something really special for his Pop-Warner football team the Pomona Steelers.

Coach Snoop’s team went undefeated this season and he wanted to reward them with something just as special as their performances. These kids fought a long hard season to stay number 1 so we couldn’t let them down.

We came up with Chrome and Gold footballs.

That’s right each kid got his own little “Lombardi Trophy” to take home and put on the mantle OR they could actually play with these footballs as they remain TOTALLY flexible.

So again congratulations Steelers and we’ll see you next season with something else to “blow your minds” so work hard and let’s do it again…. We’ll be there!!!

Coach Snoop Dogg and the HARD Chrome Football Showcase

Snoop Dogg
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