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ASTM E119 This test is the standard time-temperature curve based on post flashover conditions. The test measures the ability of wall and partition systems, floor ceiling and roof ceiling systems to stop flame or hot gases, penetrating thru the assembly. Assemblies are tested under time (1 hour or more) and temperature (1800°F or more) conditions. Assemblies are tested under loaded and non-loaded conditions.

The test is conducted as follows: The wall or ceiling assembly is placed either vertically or horizontally on one side of an oven. Thermocouples (temperature recorders) are placed on the exterior side of the assembly, to record temperatures passing thru the wall and ceiling assemblies. On the opposite side, there are 24 gas flames that can reach over 2,000 degrees and will blast away at the assembly for up to two hours or more. These flames are thrown at the wall trying to incinerate the entire wall. In almost all cases an unprotected wall will collapse. What makes Inferno so impressive is that this coating reflects the heat away from the wall so much that the temperature of the wall remains in a safe range thus the wall or ceiling is kept structurally intact. Inferno testing is always conducted in real world conditions.

Below are a few samples of Non Rated Assembly

  1. 1/2" Gypsum
  2. 1/2" Gypsum
  3. Seam Tape and Mud
  4. 2" x 4"  Pine
  5. R10 Fiber Glass Insulation
Using 20 WFT of Inferno on 1/2" Gypsum wall assembly will convert to One hour wall assembly.

  1. 1/2" Gypsum
  2. 1/2" Plywood
  3. Seam Tape and Mud
  4. 2" x 4"  Pine
  5. R10 Fiber Glass Insulation
Using 22 WFT of Inferno on 1/2" Plywood wall assembly will convert to One hour wall assembly.

  1. R10 Fiber Glass Insulation
  2. 2" x 6"  Pine
  3. Seam Tape and Mud
  4. 1/2" Gypsum
Using 22 WFT of Inferno on 1/2” Gypsum wall assembly will convert to One hour wall assembly.

UL Listed at the highest one coat spread rate on market, and uses for a Thermal Barrier per NFPA 286 and ASTM E119.

Superior Fire Protection!

Inferno is a unique fire resistant coating proven to withstand extreme temperatures (more than 2000°F) and resist fires for over 2 hours, it is an intumescent coating designed to provide fire retardant and fire resistance to a wide variety of materials such as sheet rock, wood, concrete, sheet metal, foam, composite panels, fiberglass and carbon graphite with one coat. Inferno is applied as a easy as any other paint, is water based and has been fully tested and approved,

Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, Hypoallergenic, Water Based Acrylic, Fire Retardant Paint


ANSI/UL 723 (ASTM E 84) TEST FOR SURFACE BURNING CHARACTERISTICS OF BUILDING MATERIALS AND FLAMMABILITY RATINGS Fire Protection Codes and Classification Interior Finish€ rating, Class I (Class A), of the principal USA building codes: Life Safety Code, NFPA 101 Section 10.2.3 Interior Wall or Ceiling Finish Testing and Classification

Fire Retardant - Treated (FRT) Wood

Inferno will protect many types of wood the same way as FRT Treated Wood
Inferno has passed Extended 30 minute ASTM E84, and meets all requirements to use instead of Fire Retardant-Treated (FRT) Wood. Code requires to pass ASTM E84 for 30 minutes there are no other test criteria accepted.

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Fire Has a NEW Enemy - INFERNO