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Q. Do a couple of minutes really make that much of a difference?
A.A typical fire doubles in size every 30 seconds. Using those figures, in 5 minutes, a small trash can fire will grow to over a 1000 square feet. Needless to say, time is of the essence.

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Q. Do you guarantee Fireproof Paint won't burn?
A.Very few things in this world are guaranteed 100%. Fireproof Paint is no different. Although we have not yet found one problem, there are probably situations where items treated with this product will burn, but the odds are greatly reduced, when compared to non-treated items.

Q. Is Fireproof Paint harmful, allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic?
A. No. It has no harmful side effects and releases no toxins even after having been exposed to fire. Fireproof Paint is Hypoallergenic, Non-Carcinogenic and has little to no smell. Most people can comfortably sleep in a room treated with this product the same day it was applied.

Q. Do I have to paint my whole house to be protected against fire?
A. That would offer the maximum protection. We suggest that as a minimum you paint your Bedrooms, Kitchens, Garages, Laundry areas and anywhere you have many electrical products plugged into one or two outlets, like a home office or home theater center. These areas are where most fires start. If a fire starts in another room, when the fire reaches the area where Fireproof Paint has been applied in most cases the fire will stop there. Does Fireproof Paint work on fires caused by accelerants such as gas, oil, or the things I keep in my garage? The results of fires caused by petroleum accelerants are usually the same as with non-accelerated fires. The fire just burns faster and hotter until the accelerant burns off. This product offers the same protection regardless of the fuel source of the fire.

Q. Do I need any special tools to apply Fireproof Paint?
A. No. It is as easy to apply as any other paint, with a brush, roller or sprayer. For the best results, spraying is recommended method. We suggest waiting 24 hours to apply a color coat.

Q. What surfaces or materials can I use Fireproof Paint on?
A. You can apply this product to the interior of your home, buildings or other structures including Fences, Dog Houses, Ceilings, Wood Furniture, Cabinets, Tool Sheds, Barns and Stables. This product adheres to wood, drywall, concrete, sheetrock, paneling or virtually any porous surface, including OSB.

Q. How long does the Paint continue to protect?
A. Warranted for 15 years on your Interior of homes and offices under normal wear and tear.

Q. Can I use Fireproof Paint over existing paint?
A. Yes. It's important, however, that the surfaces being treated are completely clean, dry, any cracked paint or flakes are sanded down, and the surface is free from oil residue. When painting on raw wood or drywall, we suggest you first prime the surface with any standard white paint primer.

Q. What colors are available?
A. Fireproof Paint only comes in “White”. For optional color or sheen to surfaces, Inferno may be top coated with virtually any Acrylic or enamel paint after dry time. Roll or spray initial top coat. DO NOT RE-ROLL OR TOUCH UP until top coat is completely dry or top coat may smear or stick to roller. TOP COATING DOES NOT REDUCE FIRE RETARDANT OR RESISTANCE CAPABILITY.

Q. Is Fireproof Paint expensive?
A. Typically a gallon covers approximately 200 square feet. A typical 10’x12’ bedroom is approximately 500 square feet to cover the ceiling, doors and door jams, base boards, and inside the closets so you use under 2.5 gallons of Fireproof Paint. You have provided your family with around the clock additional protection from smoke and fire. No product you can buy for your home can offer you this type of protection. Isn’t your family’s safety worth it?

Q. Has Fireproof Paint been tested and approved?
A. YES. Inferno has passed and been approved:

• UL 723 Listed (Underwriters Laboratory)
• ASTM E 84-05 meets UL 723 ( Underwriters Laboratory )
• NFPA 286 meets UL 1715 ( Underwriters Laboratory )
• UBC 26-2
• ASTM E 119 One Hour and Two Hour Burn Tests meet UL 263 (Underwriters Laboratory)
• ASTM D 5590 Black Mold

Wet Mil and Dry Mil: During Application, the wet film thickness should be checked using a wet film thickness gauge. To use the gauge insert the teeth into the Inferno wet base coat, the last tooth to be coated indicates the thickness achieved. This is very important so you can achieve the required dry film thickness (DFT) of the specific assembly. During the drying process, Inferno will shrink due to evaporation.

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