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Inferno is a new state of the art fire retardant paint using proprietary cutting edge intumescent fire retardants, fire resistance and mold inhibiting technology. This product has been highly tested and has passed numerous tests from nationally certified laboratories and testing facilities. It has been proven by laboratory tests to have the ability to help prevent vertical flame spread, flashover and to help prevent fire penetrations of a wall assembly for up to two hours!! Inferno has zero mold growth. Simply paint Inferno on the interior of your home or building. This will create unsurpassed fire and mold protection. When Inferno is exposed to high temperatures or direct flame there is an "Intumescent reaction." Simply stated, Inferno expands, caramelizes and forms a "char barrier" that lifts off the surface of the material. In so doing, Inferno offers an effective and durable barrier that cuts off the fuel source that fire needs to develop.

Inferno is a water based Acrylic paint, which is non-toxic, non-hazardous, has no smell, looks and is applied like standard house paint. It will give you fire rating depending upon surface type, non fire rated drywall, different wood types (including manufactured boards and plywood), and will even protect foam products.

Inferno can be applied as either a primer or finish coat over existing painted or unpainted surfaces with superior adhesion, It will withstand temperatures up to 1900º. In a fully painted room with doors closed it will contain the fire to that room until the fire dies from lack of combustible material. If door edges are painted the heated paint swells to seal the door and hot gases cannot escape. In open rooms or buildings it will assist in the retardation of the flame spread into ceiling spaces or danger areas thus vastly increasing the time for the fire department to attend. In a bush fire scenario it will repel the heat and flames generated by the burning foliage. In a boat or caravan it will contain the fire to localized areas thus noticeably increasing the chance of the fire being successfully fought and lives being saved.

Inferno is a white in color but can be tinted to desired colors, and is formulated to be non-toxic for non-hazardous.
Inferno Fireproof Paint is available in Quarts and Gallons.




Inferno Fireproof Paint 1 Gallon

INFERNO (1 Gallon) New Item

Qty: 1 Gallon

Price: $200

Inferno Fireproof Paint 5 Gallon

INFERNO (5 Gallon) New Item

Qty: 5 Gallon

Price: $900

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Fire Has a NEW Enemy - INFERNO