Transforming Police Car
Inferno Fireproof Paint
Transforming Police Car
Time 6:59
Inferno Fireproof Paint
Time 6:30

Ice T and The "Murder Red" Bentley Continental GT Project

Well folks the day is upon us... Ice's Bentley GT is "On the road again" and looking absolutely INCREDIBLE with a fresh "Murder Red" Candy paint job consisting of more than 20 coats of special one-off paint.

This beauty is FLAT and WET! Check out the images for the complete showcase of project pics from the "Tear Down" to the "Final Clear" and everything in between. This project was a blast from start to finish and cameras were rolling to catch it all.

Look for the full coverage in DUB Magazine as well as our images of the 2008 DUB Show Tour in Phoenix, AZ with Ice T, Coco and the "Murder Red" Bentley GT.

Check out the complete Ice T Bentley Continental GT project.

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