(Ice T, Coco, Steve Flanagan) Unveil of the 'Murder Red Bentley GT' @ DUB Show Phoenix

Ice-T 'Murder Red' Bentley GT Project


The "O.G." himself Ice-T and wife Coco came to the shop to check out the progress on the “Murder” Red Bentley GT. Cameras rolled as Ice tore into the crew that attempted to paint his Bentley for him in N.Y. (needless to say they screwed it up BIG-TIME)

Ice reminds them on camera, N.Y. we love you, BUT there’s only one place to go if you really want that Candy Paint done and done right…and that is CALIFORNIA where it was born, and obviously HARD Lifestyle, where it was PERFECTED!

Coco was on hand to give her “seal of approval” and once we knew she liked the color, the rest would be easy!


Well folks the day is upon us….Ice’s Bentley is “On the road again” and looking absolutely INCREDIBLE with its fresh “Murder Red” Candy paintjob consisting of more than 20 coats of one off candy color. This beauty is FLAT and WET!

Check out the complete showcase of project pics from the “Tear Down” to the “Final Clear” and everything in between.

This project was a blast from start to finish and cameras were rolling to catch it all.

Stay tuned for more updates we’re just getting started. Look for the full coverage in DUB Magazine soon and get out to SEMA this year where this Bentley is sure to get the looks! There’s much more coming so STAY TUNED!

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Saturday May 31st marked the debut of Ice-T’s Murder Red Bentley GT Continental at the DUB Car Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was a packed house with all eyes on Ice’s new whip treated with a fresh paintjob using a one off color made special just for the project.

This DUB appearance included a Meet-n-Greet with Ice and Coco and even a special performance by Ice-T on the DUB stage.

Fans lined up across the hall to take pictures of Ice, Coco and his incredible car. The crowd was buzzing over the Bentley and it’s new set of CEC wheels which topped off this dynamite package.

Special thanks to:

Jeff Mersey @ Merzees Custom Paint

Toyo Tires for the newest rubber to wrap the wheels

And CEC for a beautiful set of One-off Chrome wheels

Ice T's Murder Red Bentley GT Showcase

The O.G. Himself .... Ice-T
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