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HARD Lifestyle THE MAGAZINE Special Edition Paint Misbehavin “The Cloaking Cop Car” and The Assault on Inferno Paint UNMARKED TO MARKED UNIT WITH THE FLIP OF A SWITCH BENNY GETS DESTRUCTIVE GET ALL THE DETAILS INSIDE Steve and the guys hook Robbie up with a TOTALLY tricked out NEW chair PLUS: Ice-T's Bentley GT 50 Cent's Chrome Lamborghini Fieldy from KORN's 64 Impala Snoop Dogg and MORE! DEPARTMENTS IT’S SO HARD This section features a Q&A with some of the most common questions we get asked at HARD Lifestyle. FEATURES The featured articles for the current edition of HARD Lifestyle Magazine BEHIND THE SCENES The stuff you didn’t see. From behind the cameras to behind the wrench see the work it took to make each project happen. SPECIAL OFFERS The HOTTEST product will be featured with a special promo code just for our readers. Look for limited time offers including FREE paints. Test the products and give us your feedback. CONTENTS ALL ACCESS M&M Mike McNamara and Mike Miller rockin the HARD Lifestyle sleeveless edition uniform! FEATURES CLOAKING COP CAR Steve Flanagan and the cast of Paint Misbehavin attempt to build the cop car of the future using HEATWAVE the temperature reactive paint. ROBBIE’S SPECIAL CHAIR The guys set out to hook Robbie up with a “pimped” out wheelchair in time for his graduation day. FIREPROOF PAINT “ASSAULT” Witness an all out ASSAULT of the fireproof paint called INFERNO. Flamethrowers, Propane Mortars, and Air Arcs are no match for INFERNO! BEYOND THE CAMERAS Take a peek behind the scenes at the cast and crew that came together to make it all happen. Also: Watch for special offers and coupon codes throughout this magazine for your chance at HARD Lifestyle giveaways It’s SO HARD! Q&A with the crew This section features a Q&A with some of the most common questions we get asked at HARD Lifestyle. COLOR ME CONFUSED Q. I see you guys only sell the HEATWAVE paint in Black to Transparent. How do you achieve the other colors you show on your site? Dan Spokane, WA. A. Dan, we are actually putting a colored candy (transparent pigment) over the HEATWAVE so that when it switches to transparent it is revealing the shade of candy color. (NOTE HEATWAVE is shot over a white basecolor to intensify the final effect of the candy) TO DO OR NOT TO DO? Q. I want to chrome my tank on my bike 07 GSXR. Do you provide the service as well or just sell the paints? I am a painter BUT have no experience with these chrome paints and would much rather send it to somebody who does to be sure it gets done correctly the first time. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work. -Jeff Los Angeles, CA. A. Jeff, we actually do provide the service as well as sell the materials. We would be happy to get you an estimate for your bike simply email us at info@hardlifestyle.com with all your details and we’ll get right back to you. HELP 101 Q. I need help on the most basic of levels. I want to repaint my Camaro with the chrome paint you have for normal paintguns however I need to know what I need to do to my cars existing finish to get it ready. I want to achieve the best finish possible. Josh Detroit, MI. A. Josh, you will need to begin by prepping your Camaro as you would for any other finish. We recommend a complete sand, prime, and prep, working your way to 600 grit before applying the black basecoat. Then clear this in as you would any other finish. You now should completely wetsand and buff this vehicle to a glass like finish. Now remove all the compound residues etc. by cleaning the surface completely with soap and water. After a thorough dry you are ready to apply the chorme. Begin by first testing your techniques on a test panel before committing to the Camaro and GOOD LUCK! The “Cloaking” Cop Car Project Police Detectives Sean Heick and Mike Derfus are all smiles after Steve proves himself with the first ever color changing police car. The “Cloaking” Cop Car Project A COMPLETELY UNMARKED CADILLAC ESCALADE CHANGES INTO A MARKED UNIT WITH THE FLIP OF A SWITCH Steve Flanagan and the cast of Paint Misbehavin’ teamed up with Detectives in both Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona in an attempt to create the surveillance vehicle of the future. The goal was to make a vehicle that could transform from a completely “unmarked” unit to a fully “marked” unit at the flip of a switch. Using heat reactive paints along with heating units to physically change the temperature of the vehicles exterior, the boys set out to take law enforcement to a whole new level. Imagine if you will a Cadillac Escalade rolling on 26” wheels through a neighborhood completely incognito when they come upon a crime in progress. With a simple flip of a switch the vehicle becomes a fully marked “black and white” unit with lights and sirens and all logos to match. Imagine no longer because that’s just what they pull off. These guys do far more than make police cars change color. The recent episode which aired on TLC channel also featured the guys testing out the limits of their Fireproof Paint with everything they could find including flamethrowers, to demonstrate just how fireproof it really is. The final segment was a nice heartwarming piece where Steve and the guys “pimped” out a wheelchair for a young boy with cerebral palsy and donated it to him and his family just in time for his high school graduation. Steve’s company Hard Lifestyle is dedicated to advancing technologies in the paint world as well as opening individuals minds to the technologies that exist out there, that we have not even begun to refine. With coatings that can harness enough solar energy to power a light bulb, and products that will decrease frictional drag on an object including speedboats and watercraft these guys are quickly becoming known as the “answer guys” in the high tech world of paints and coatings. Jeff Mersey joins the cast of Paint Misbehavin on TLC. Steve knows Jeff is the man when it comes to throwing down coat after coat of flawless paint and completely overhauling anything that sits on 4 wheels. Jeff started out by stripping Rob’s Escalade down to the bone. Rob could hardly stand to watch. The “Cloaking” Cop Car Project (Continued) It wasn’t long before Jeff was ready to get the truck into the booth and do what he loves most, throwing paint down. Before Jeff could actually paint the truck he and Brian from Cerritos College had to wrap the doors with the specially printed HARDWAY PATROL logos that would be hidden with Imperial’s Heatwave (Heat Reactive Paint). Jeff was on the truck till the wee hours of the night BUT it was all worthwhile as Mr. Mersey again pulled off a flawless finish and the team was one step closer to making the Cloaking Cop Car a reality. Now it was back to the shop to figure out how to heat the doors. Jeff Mersey and Steve Flanagan prepare to paint The Cloaking Cop Car while filming the Paint Misbehavin Television Show on TLC. See all this and more on TLC’s Paint Misbehavin, and head over to www.HardLifeStyle.com to get the behind the scenes peek at all things paint. Jeff Mersey loads up his paint gun and goes to town as he paints the vinyl doors with the HEATWAVE temperature reactive paint that will bring this project to life. Vinyl Graphix Insuring the HARDWAY PATROL Logos are in place, Steve and Jeff quickly lay down the vinyl turning this ordinary Escalade into a black and white police unit as seen on the show. To Serve And Profit 911 logos find their way on the front fenders. These too will play a part in the cloaking cop car project Ice-T's “Murder Red” Bentley GT “I took it to the best in the business" Ice-T Robbie Argote-Carrillo A SPECIAL PROJECT FOR A VERY SPECIAL PERSON When Rob and Steve met Robbie they knew they had someone special on their hands. Robbie’s love for fast cars and hot paintjobs gave them the perfect opportunity to give Robbie his very own custom “whip”. Realizing Robbie suffers from Cerebral Palsey and that his wheelchair is the equivalent of our “whip”the boys set out to get Robbie a new chair worthy of his outgoing personality. Steve got a hold of Karman Healthcare Products and told them about his plan. They were kind enough to offer a free chair for the guys to completely re-paint and present to Robbie. Robbie’s mother let the crew in on a little secret, Robbie was about to graduate and she thought making the entire project coincide with that was a perfect opportunity to really do it BIG for Robbie. The crew was up against the wall with all the other project deadlines BUT knew they had to come through with something really nice for Robbie. Sam tore apart the chair and started planning out what products from the Imperial line should be used to revamp this chair and give Robbie something straight out of his favorite movie “The Fast and The Furious”. It was decided to use the Gemini Chrome System on the fenders combined with a black candy topcoat to make a one of a kind Black Chrome finish. With a little HEATWAVE mixed in for some added touches this chair is going to really POP. Long time friend Steve Deman of “Kolor Kings” was called to really help set off this project. Steve dropped some of his trademark tape fades and some delicate airbrush work. The results speak for themselves. EVERYBODY was blown away by this chair including Robbie himself. When we saw that smile on his face that was all the reward we were looking for! Story By Tammy Marashlian Signal Staff Writer Up until last month, 22-year-old Robbie Argote-Carrillo used an old, basic wheelchair that wasn’t too comfortable. But with help from artist Steve Flanagan from the new TLC television show “Paint Misbehavin’“, that “thrashed” wheelchair is no more. The Canyon Country resident, who has cerebral palsy, now gets around in a personalized, red wheelchair with flame designs. The family has seen a change in Robbie since the gift of the wheelchair. “He sits up better in this one,” said Stacee Carrillo, Robbie’s mom. Robbie proudly agreed. “It’s comfortable,” he said. Flanagan’s original wheelchair to Argote-Carrillo, presented in May, featured heat-reactive paint that changed from red to pink. A second wheelchair was created only with the color red and flames, after Argote-Carrillo didn’t like the pink. The wheelchair was the fourth for Argote-Carrillo, who began using one during his childhood. As an added bonus, TLC camera crews followed Argote-Carrillo and his family for a segment on the show that debuted last week. Carrillo recalled the filming, which she said gave her son a chance to shine in the spotlight. “He was pretty excited about it,” she said. Carrillo was especially pleased that the show spotlighted the needs of people with disabilities. Throughout the show, cameras followed Robbie and his family from Smart & Final grocery store in Newhall to their Canyon Country home. Argote-Carrillo worked at Smart & Final for six months while he was a student at Transitional Learning Charter, a William S. Hart Union High School District school that teaches disabled adults life skills. Argote-Carrillo, who attended Valencia High School before starting at the charter school, was able to take part in community-based instruction. Attending the charter school allowed Argote-Carrillo to become more independent as he learned daily activities, like how to take the bus, Carrillo said. Earlier this month, Argote-Carrillo graduated from Transitional Learning Charter after two years at the school. “It was a great program,” she said. 50 Cent Wanted a Chrome Lambo What would you like??? The ASSAULT on Inferno Fireproof Paint The “ASSAULT” on Inferno THE BOYS DEMONSTRATE JUST HOW FIREPROOF IT REALLY IS Fireproof Paint? That’s right, you may have heard of it before or maybe not BUT the guys at HARD Lifestyle have some and they are putting it to the ultimate test! Inferno Fireproof Paint was recently featured on the show Paint Misbehavin which premiered June 25th 2009 on the TLC Network. With the fire department on hand these guys launch an assault with flamethrowers, mortars and more in an attempt to prove the fire stopping ability of one of the hottest products around! Steve demonstrates that Inferno can even keep cardboard from burning. Never did we doubt the capabilities of Inferno, but the heat that the flamethrower was putting out was INCREDIBLE! Cardboard and a blowtorch is one thing. But a flamethrower and a life size wall... now that’s entertaining! With Benny and cast blasting away at the front side of the wall Steve checks out the temperature of the back of the wall. Surprisingly it remains cool throughout the most extreme tests. Get the HOTTEST Sprayable Chrome System on the market - Contained Unit - Powder Coated Black - Proven Performance - FASTER Chemicals - Durable Topcoats Gemini Chrome Imperial Surface Technologies John and the Fire Captain can’t believe the wall is already COLD to the touch after having been glowing red just seconds before. John and the guys at Ultimate Effects certainly had an arsenal of stuff to throw at this product. Steve and John Hartigan sit down to a friendly game of Hold Em’ while the boys blast away at the front of the wall.. With the Fire Dept. endorsement, it’s a slam dunk!. Who doesn’t want the paint that is Fire Dept. tested and Fire Dept APPROVED! “FIELDY” KORN’s Bass Player & His Stunning 64’ Impala
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