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50 Cent Fieldy Ice-T Gwen Stefani Tommy Lee Steve Vai KottonMouth Kings and MORE! CELEBRITY PROJECTS EDITION HARD Lifestyle Magazine DEPARTMENTS IT’S SO HARD This section features a Q&A with some of the most common questions we get asked at HARD Lifestyle. FEATURES The featured articles for the current edition of HARD Lifestyle Magazine BEHIND THE SCENES The stuff you didn’t see. From behind the cameras to behind the wrench see the work it took to make each project happen. SPECIAL OFFERS The HOTTEST product will be featured with a special promo code just for our readers. Look for limited time offers including FREE paints. Test the products and give us your feedback. CONTENTS FEATURES ICE-T "MURDER RED" BENTLEY GT Take a look at the complete Ice-T project. The guys took this Bentley down to the bottom before giving it the most incredibly deep candy paintjob we’ve seen. This one off candy color "Murder Red" is fit for the O.G. himself. 50 CENT’S CHROMED OUT LAMBO What do you do when you are 50 Cent and money is no object? Well you start with a perfect brand new Lamborghini Murcielago and you strip it down to pieces and chrome paint it! That’s right we said CHROME! Check out the pics inside as Steve Flanagan gives 50 just a little more BLING! GWEN STEFANI’S ALL GOLD TAHOE Filming for the video Sweet Escape featuring Akon, Gwen needed this Tahoe to be all Gold. Even the wheels on this baby are Gold. No detail was left un-touched and this Tahoe was a smash. Gwen absolutely LOVED it! KORN’s "FIELDY" AND HIS 64’ IMPALA The killer combination of Rootbeer Candy and the subtle effect of some realistic crystal patterns throughout the door jambs really set this 64’ off beautifully. KOTTONMOUTH KINGS LOU DOG Take a look behind the scenes as Steve helps Lou in creating a truly out of this world drum trike. A spectacular collaboration involving airbrush work from FONZY including an image of every band member. Also: Steve Vai’s INCREDIBLE one-off Emerald Guitar E-ZINEs On-Line Digital Magazines YOUR NEW ISSUE HAS ARRIVED HARD Lifestyle goes digital with their all new electronic magazine. Sign-Up NOW for our e-mail list and we’ll notify you each time your new issue has arrived. See the latest in High Tech Paints, Television and Media Events, and Celebrity Projects. The "Murder Red" Bentley Project Ice and Coco signing autographs at the DUB Show in Phoenix, Az. There was a great turn out. MANY fans turned up to get pics of the Bentley at the unveil. When Ice’s Bentley GT showed up we wasted no time in stripping the parts off and sanding it down to remove all the paint from the shop who had just completely ruined a beautiful car. Ice called and said "Steve, do whatever you have to do to make my car right" I assured Ice, "You will have a Bentley like you can’t even imagine." With Jeff Mersey here to guide me every step of the way we quickly started tearing this car to pieces. We only have a week before Ice and Coco will be in to check out the work, and pick out a shade of red. Yes even Ice’s closest crip friends were very supportive of his decision. So it seems A.I. is the name of the shop in New York that attempted to give Ice’s Bentley a deep Candy Apple finish. However, the car returned to Ice was substandard to say the least. Ice returned to them explaining the paint was chipping off everywhere and within weeks looks nothing like it did the day he picked it up. They explained to him that there was nohing they could do for him short of re-painting it yet again, a cost he would have to pay for and they were NOT willing to cover. This time around things were going to be different. After getting all of the bad paint back off the Bentley it was time to tape it up and get ready for some paint work. Ice and Coco showed up as planned to pick out the right shade of red to really make it unique. We came up with an all new shade and named it appropriately enough "Murder Red". With the color picked it was trime to send Ice home and start throwing some primer. After priming we had days of sanding to do to get it where we wanted it. At HARD Lifestyle we never settle for anything less than PERFECT! With the primer completely blocked and smooth as glass it was finally time to get some color on this beauty. Jeff wasted no time in loading up his gun and delivering the first layers of there multi layer process which would soon build up to be over 25 coats of the richest candy colors on the planet. Working well into the morning hours each day this project definitely took every bit of our attention to insure we overcame all of the obstacles left in our path by the guys at A.I. There were spots they had broken into the existing clear and tried to blend out causing checking. The car came to use a mess but was quickly shaping up to be a thing of beauty. Jeff Mersey is a machine when it comes down to laying out beautiful colors in an absolutely flawless manner. Once the clearcoat goes down this GT is COLD & WET. Most importantly it is definitely HARD! As the initial layers of color go down Jeff is machine like in his techniques. Spray, flash, tack rag, blow dry, repeat. Jeff has been painting cars for years and has over 20,000 paint jobs logged on his resume. If you want to be damn sure you get the best results, you go with the guy who has proven himself day after day, year after year. That’s Jeff Mersey a simple Google search will reveal pages of results highlighting his extensive career of show wins and magazine covers. Knowing the car is in the best hands possible we put down the first 6 or 7 coats of carfeully combined basecoat colors. As the paint dried the car took on an incredibly tough looking anodized red effect. Maybe we should just clear it in with a Flat Clear. Now that would look HARD! Special delivery for Ice-T. "Yo Ice, I brought your baby back and as promised she is INCREDIBLE!" With the Bentley finished and looking absolutely perfect it was time to get it back into the hands of it’s proud owner. We brought the car out to Arizona where Ice had us over to the house for a little celebration marking the completion of the project. After a night out on the town it was time to prepare for the DUB Show being held the following day. Myles from DUB set up the booth and we brought the Bentley and the Benz. Ice packed the house and even threw down a performance on the DUB stage for all the fans. The booth was SLAMMED as Ice and Coco sat down to sign autographs for everyone who had patiently lined up to take pics of the cars and crew. We had a blast and wish to thank everybody for coming together to turn out another great HARD Lifestyle project. Jeff Mersey, Ice-T, Coco, Eric Ramirez, Myles Kovacs and the rest of the DUB crew. One thing’s for certain, if you announce at a DUB show that Ice-T is in the house with the guys at HARD Lifestyle, and they brought the Bentley, you can bet you will pack the place! Not to mention, Ice is about to be on stage performing. Get the HOTTEST Sprayable Chrome System on the market - Contained Unit - Powder Coated Black - Proven Performance - FASTER Chemicals - Durable Topcoats Gemini Chrome Imperial Surface Technologies 50 Cent’s Chrome Lamborghini Murcielago 50 Cent’s Chrome Lamborghini HE SAID HE WANTED ONE LIKE NO OTHER! When they said, "Do you want to do something really crazy?" I told them they found the right guy! Lets strip a brand new PERFECTLY good Lamborghini Murcielago down to near nothing, chrome paint all the pieces and then return it to it’s original form. Hmmmmmm. Let me get this straight, we are going to completely strip a $300K Lambo just because we can? You say it’s for 50 Cent and money is no object? (Well that certainly puts it into perspective.) Now let’s get to work. After prepping the car then shooting it black and clearing it in, it was time to let it sit for at least 10 days to fully cure out the freshly applied Clearcoat. After letting it sit for 10 days to cure out, it’s on to cutting it and buffing it to the highest gloss finish possible.With a surface as smooth as glass and fully cured you can then apply the chrome paint. This step took just under 13 hrs. of booth-time before we could say the finish looked FLAWLESS! After a night in bake cycle (12 Hrs.) we’re ready to topcoat the chrome paint with another layer of High Quality (low solvent) Poly-Urethane Clearcoat. Unlike shooting chrome paint the clear is done in 30 min. Now we bake it again and we are done till next week. After a week has passed and the final clear-coat layer has had a chance to cure it’s again time for a Cut & Polish. Patience is the key when spraying these chrome paint technologies DON’T RUSH, take your time. There is nothing like polishing a "Mirror Finish" to put a smile on your face. Traditional paint rules say... "It’s not possible" BUT... as you all know at HARD Lifestyle we can do ANYTHING! Special attention needs to be paid to the wiping of the chrome paint prior to applying the clearcoat. When you apply this material you do so with high volumes of air and very little volume of material. This will result in alot of dryspray and "dusting" of the chrome material. It is crucial to wipe off ALL of this "dust" to both reveal the true chrome effect and also to insure good adhesion when the final topcoat is applied. Leaving this "dust" on the surface will cause your topcoat to peel off in sheets. After applying the final topcoat be sure to allow a good cure time before setting it up for a final sand and buff. With the surface wiped down you can see the depth of the chrome reflection. Fully baked and fully cured this Lambo is clean enough to shave in. With the final clear applied, cured, cut and buffed this Lamborghini looks STUNNING. Time for a new set of wheels. Re-assembly of the car takes twice as long as taking it apart and special care must be taken to keep from scratching the newly chrome painted parts while bolting everything into place. With the Lambo dressed in chrome it was time to load it up and get it back to 50, I think he has waited long enough and judging from the numerous phone calls and the excitement in his voice, I know he can hardly wait to get his hands on it now! Alumaluster Chrome Paints have evolved and the result is Alumaluster Single Pass Coverage Excellent Adhesion Less Dull Back Superior Reflection Works With A Full Size Paintgun Stays Suspended (Less Settling) "FIELDY" KORN’s Bass Player & His Stunning 64’ Impala FIELDY’s 64’ IMPALA PROJECT HARD Lifestyle is the place to go. Where else could you get a SWEET 64’ Impala like the one Fieldy just got? That’s right! You’re looking at Fieldy‘s 64’ Impala with Rootbeer Candy paint on bottom and Pearl White on top. All the inside jambs feature intricate designs of Custom Paints and Candy fades. MAJOR UPDATE Fieldy, the bass player for the band Korn, is shown with his fire damaged 1964 Chevy Impala. The car caught on fire soon after getting a sweet Rootbeer Candy paintjob by Jeff Mersey of HARD Lifestyle. We’re sorry to see it all burnt like that Fieldy, she was certainly a beauty. Gwen Stefani’s Tahoe for Sweet Escape REAL Gold DUB 26’s Gwen’s "Sweet Escape" Tahoe They needed this truck done and done FAST! for Gwen’s new video. Jeff Mersey delivered a custom gold candy paintjob and a set of REAL Gold wheels to insure this one really stands out in the crowd. Easy enough to find in a parking lot and bright enough to stop traffic, Gwen loved this Tahoe, it was her favorite part of the video. So if you need it done and done right… Not to mention FAST You know who to call.... That’s right HARD Lifestyle! INFERNO Fireproof Paint www.hardlifestyle.com Gold Footballs For Snoop Dogg We wanted to help Snoop Dogg do something really special for his Pop-Warner football team the Pamona Steelers. Coach Snoop’s team went undefeated this season and he wanted to reward them with something just as special as their performances. These kids fought a long hard season to stay number 1 so we couldn’t let them down. We came up with Chrome and Gold footballs. That’s right each kid got his own little "Lombardi Trophey" to take home and put on the mantle OR they could actually play with these footballs as they remain TOTALLY flexable. So again congratulations Steelers and we’ll see you next season with something else to "blow your minds" so work hard and let’s do it again…. We’ll be there!!! Steve Vai’s EXOTIC Ax Check out this one of a kind hand made guitar made special for Steve Vai by our good friend Allister at Emerald Guitars. Allister is well known in the industry as the guy who can take your wildest idea and make it a reality. So check out Emerald Guitars. If you think we can create wait to you see what Allister can do! 1000 Sq. Ft. of chemicals gives you PLENTY of practice material COMPLETE technical support Demonstration videos Training Available GET YOURS NOW!!! www.hardlifestyle.com Get a chrome paintjob TODAY 3D Celebrities Official Hard Lifestyle Merchandise (T-shirts, Hats, Die-Cuts) World Record Breaking 200+MPH This is Rad Greaves World Record Breaking 1661cc Suzuki Hayabusa which broke 200MPH during an actual race on the track. Well this is the issue of Cycle World that covered the event. This bike made headlines around the world and really showed all what you can do with chrome paint and a little bit of creativity. This bike went down as one of the most advanced machines of its time and the paintjob was NO exception. What are you waiting for?… Get your chrome system now and start making history yourself! Tyler "The Dead" King They call him "The Dead King" because he was exactly that, DEAD while doing what he loves best, jumping dirt bikes. Tyler King wrecked hard and the result was a "Flatline". Tyler keeps a card in his wallet that shows his EKG readout FLAT as a reminder of what can happen when it all goes wrong. HOWEVER this bike done specially for T.K. shows you what can happen when it all goes RIGHT! Tyler’s CR was voted as the "Hottest" bike out there when it burst on the scene with it’s Gold Frame and Black Chrome plastics. This thing is truly stunning! Tyler I sure hope you kept it "shiny" I think it’s time to do a new one for sure!!! KottonMouth Kings Lou Dog’s Drum Trike Check out the one of a kind Custom Trike / Drumset painted with a Heat Reactive Color Change Paint. When Lou Dog said he had a "Wild Idea" and wanted to make a Trike that really stood out, it was our job to bring his unique ideas to life. There was no choice but pull out one of the most DRAMATIC paints yet, Heat Reactive Chameleons! Lou Spent countless hours at the shop making sure no detail was overlooked and the results speak for themselves. Lou loved it!... We hope you will too! This section features a Q&A with some of the most common questions we get asked at HARD Lifestyle. It’s SO HARD! Q&A with the crew ARE FLAT CLEARS SANDABLE Q. When using products like a Flat Clearcoat or even the Kashmir, are these clears sandable if they get surface trash in them while drying? -Chris Cleveland, OH A. Chris, you have hit on the one drawback when applying these "flat" looking clearcoats. You can not wetsand these to remove surface trash. You need to insure you have a completely contaminant free area like a very clean booth (downdraft etc.) and always suit up in a paint suit doing everything possible to keep airborn particles to a minimum. NOTE: Although I said above you can’t sand it for trash I meant in the standard way you normally would. You can however in case of emergency hit it ever so lightly with 600 grit and apply another full pass to the entire surface and you will wind up with a nice even finish. UNDERNEATH OR ON TOP Q. If I want to apply a Candy color over my gold base what is the best way to do it? I have heard you put it in the clear and I have heard you put it in a binder which is best? -George Las Vegas, NV. A. Always mix your Candy into a binder this will give you added UV resistance as well as the ability to colorsand your final clear without taking away color. DOES IT STICK Q. Everybody says Chrome Paint has no adhesion, why does it not stick? Is there something that can be done with primers or adhesion promoters? -John Los Angeles, CA A. John, while there are products on the market that have pretty bad adhesion, Alumaluster achieves GREAT adhesion. That being said the technology of the Chrome Paints requires them to be applied with a high volume of air and low volume of material. This high air delivery will result in much more of a "dusting" effect on the surface. You must take care to insure you wipe off all of that "dust" completely prior to applying the topcoat. This rule is true for ALL brands of Chrome Paints on the market. Limited time Offer Get 500 More Sq. Ft. FREE (that's 1000 sq. ft. of chrming material with EVERY machine order) Incorporate Chromeing services into your facility OVERNIGHT NEW re-designed machines provide EASE in application The Future is Here HARD Lifestyle the Cartoon A new Weapon The Cloaking Cop Car as seen on TLC See the Hottest Paints on the Planet! Q. Why HARD Lifestyle? A. Because they change the way WE see the world around us! The KINGS of Cutting Edge Technology HARD Lifestyle The gottest Spray Chrome System on the market Custom Paints & Celebrity Projects in 3-D 3D exotic cars and more!!! THIS AD IS IN 3D Visit our website at www.HardLifeStyle.com and see our completely 3D gallery of exotic cars and even more exotic women. Break out the red and blue glasses because you’re not going to want to miss this! HARD www.hardlifestyle.com info@hardlifestyle.com 818.436.2256
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