1. Apply your Gemini Basecoat to virtually any substrate and allow to fully cure (4 hrs. @ 140°F). Gemini Basecoat will cure to a high gloss, smooth as glass surface required for the next step of the process.

  2. Apply wetting solution (Activator) to the entire surface making sure to achieve complete coverage.

  3. Thoroughly rinse the piece to ensure no residue of the wetting solutions remains (once an even sheen of rinse water remains on the surface without spotting, you are ready to begin chroming).

  4. Using the duel nozzle chroming gun begin chroming the piece starting from the bottom and working your way up being careful to provide constant rinse to avoid "Burning" (over applying) the chrome finish. (Note, once a mirror finish is achieved the reaction is complete and further application with the chrome gun will result in discoloration and spotting.)

  5. Completely rinse the entire surface to neutralize the reaction and remove any excess chemical residue.

  6. Using the air guns dry the entire piece ensuring not to leave any spots of water as this will cause a water spot or residue on your final finish. Allow the piece to dry for at least 30 minutes @ 140°F prior to applying the final Clearcoat.

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