50 Cent
50 Cent's Chrome Lamborghini painted by Steve Flanagan of HARD Lifestyle

50 Cent Chrome Lamborghini

When they said, “Do you want to do something really crazy?”

I told them they found the right guy!

Lets strip a brand new PERFECTLY good Lamborghini Murcielago down to near nothing, chrome paint all the pieces and the return it to it’s original form.

Hmmmmmm. Let me get this straight, we are going to completely strip a $300K Lambo just because we can?

You say it’s for 50 Cent and money is no object. (Well that certainly puts it into perspective.) Now let’s get to work...

After prepping the car then shooting it black and clearing it in, it was time to let it sit for at least 10 days to fully cure out the freshly applied Clearcoat.

10 days later it’s on to cutting it and buffing it to the highest gloss finish possible.

With a surface as smooth as glass and fully cured it is time to apply the chrome paint. This step took just under 13 hrs. of booth-time before we could say the finish looked FLAWLESS!

Turn on the bake cycle and we’ll see you tomorrow!

12 Hrs. later and we’re ready to topcoat the chrome paint with another layer of High Quality (low solvent) Poly-Urethane Clearcoat. Unlike shooting chrome paint the clear is done in 30 min.

Time to bake it again and we’ll see you in a few days.

After a week has passed and the final clear-coat layer has had a chance to cure it’s again time for a Cut & Polish.

There is nothing like polishing a “Mirror Finish” to put a smile on your face.

Traditional paint rules say... “It’s not possible”

BUT... as you all know we can do ANYTHING!

50 Cent "Fitty" Chrome Lambo Showcase

Steve Flanagan of HARD Lifestyle paints 50's Lamborghini using chrome paint

50 Cent "Fitty"
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