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Step into the World of HARD 3D anaglyphs. We have assembled a collection of 3D images of recent Hard Lifestyle projects including Paint Misbehavin Show, Ice T's Bentley, exotic cars, celebrities and other fun 3D material. Hope you'll enjoy these and don't forget you need a pair of 3D glasses (blue and red) to see the full 3D effect.

3D Paint Misbehavin Show

The Paint Misbehavin Show aired on June 25th on the TLC Discovery Channel network with Steve Flanagan of HARD Lifestyle and his merry band team of "paintsters" who build the cop car of the future, hoping to change the face of law enforcement with the flip of a switch. And, the team and their fireproof paint get a baptism of fire straight out of a Hollywood movie. We pulled several images from the original video and assembled them using the 3D Pro Kit to render these stunning full 3D images.

Paint Misbehavin Showcase

Paint Misbehavin in 3D

3D Ice T Bentley Project

Steve at HARD Lifestyle didn't think twice when Ice T came to him for help in fixing up his Bentley. Seems another paint shop did a number on his ride so he quickly shipped it to HARD Lifestyle here in Los Angeles California where the proper attention could be given to his $ 100K ride. Check out these images we pulled from the video and assembled in 3D for your viewing pleasure.

Ice T Bentley Showcase
Ice-T Bentley Project in 3D

3D Exotic Cars & Beautiful Women

This section combines exotic cars with beautiful women all in a stunning 3D experience. Some of the images in this gallery were actual projects done by Steve of HARD Lifestyle using the latest in custom paint technologies. The rest have been compiled to further stimulate your 3-D viewing pleasure.

Exotic Cars & Beautiful Women Showcase
Exotic Cars & Beautiful Women in 3D

3D Celebrities

Without a doubt this will probably be your favorite 3D section. So get your 3D glasses ready, call out your friends and step into a world of 3D Celebrities. With names like Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears you know this will quickly be bookmarked as one of your favorites.

Celebrities Showcase
Celebrities in 3D

3D Anaglyph of gun shot "VIRTUAL KILL" 3-D

Click Image To View Showcase